Spinning in Place

Collection of 8 
Applying her research into Dutch sheep breeds Pollyanna started Spinning in Place with a collection of 8 individual woven textiles. From washing wool to spinning thread, from dying to the final weave, the works are a labor of love and an ode to historical textile. In a time that calls for radical reassessment of production systems, these designs embody the makers pace. The weavers bow ticks with the slow hands that turns the wheel of time.

This work is made using wool from local Dutch sheep breeds, kept by shepherds using regenerative and re-wilding land practices. The work grew from raw material and wild color research. 

The dyes use are selected from  vibrant colors that can be found in edible plants, wild weeds and fallen nuts. 

The collection of 8 unique pieces are for sale via request.
Custom pieces can be commisioned via request.