Entropies - How far does the Apple fall from the Tree?

Collaboration with Ilja Schamlé and Noa Jansma
Graphic design Wibke Bramesfeld
Het Nieuwe Instituut
Het Creatieve Huis,
Bijenkorf Rotterdam 2022
Dutch Design Week 2021
NulZes, Eindhoven
Support from Stichting Stokroos

Noa Jansma, Ilja Schamle and Pollyanna Moss looked at the Dutch so-called national pastry; the apple pie. What does it say about the development of dutch history? How is the apple pie perceived in different cultures, and what are the hidden stories connected to it? How come every family has the ‘best’ recipe and why are many so protective about it?

During DDW they took the apple pie as a prompt to investigate the Dutch identity and collect modern stories connected to it by baking apple pies following the different recipes and ingredients from visitors. Taking the fact that an apple pie takes 50 minutes to bake, visitors will have a taste of a previous person who shared their story and will give their own recipe in return. Creating a setting of not only sharing dishes, but also providing discussion of the different connotations on shared identity and ‘secret’ recipes.

In 2023 we compiled our research into a zine which we self published and launched at Gallerie de Schans/Grand Opening, Amsterdam.